HERMESplus – TANDEMplus – MOVEOplus

HERMESplus is a network of partners who want to better coordinate the available options and ressources.

The aim is to provide – as much as possible – the most appropriate psychiatric care in the environment where the patient lives.

HERMESplus invests, among other things, in a mobile crisis team, TANDEMplus, and decentralized long-term care, MOVEOplus.

In 2018, the mobile crisis team TANDEMplus was installed in this building. The team uses a floor where the telephone reception is located. Calls for this team come in here.

The team also uses the meeting room for team meetings.

Since the creation of the MOVEOplus mobile long-term care team – which operates in the Brussels Pentagon, Molenbeek and Anderlecht – Circuit is used both for their weekly registration meeting and for their weekly intervision.