Each month, Circuit offers you a schedule of activities (cultural outings, sports, cinema, cooking, karaoke…). Some activities are likely to be added to this pre-established schedule at the beginning of the month.

At Circuit, we organize regular activities such as:

Sara’s soup

Every Wednesday from 12:00, our volunteer Sara offers good soup made by herself at a democratic price of 0,80€

Writing workshop

Every Friday at 10:30 am, Mireille offers a “SLAM” workshop. You are free to come, without prior registration.

More information: here

Board games workshop

Every Tuesday morning from 10am to 12pm, board games are available at Circuit.

Eating together

On the last Thursday of the month, the members prepare a meal for all those who wish. The participation is 3,50€.


About once a month, Circuit is invited to see an opera at the La Monnaie theater as part of the “A bridge between two worlds” project. This activity is on registration (limited number of places) and free. – stop by Circuit to know the dates.

Activity with the Protected Housing Initiatives

Every last friday on the month, the Protected Housing Initiatives Antonin Artaud organize an activity at Circuit (walks, cultural outings, etc.).